CinemaSpin Review

Food issues are notoriously tricky because they rely on studies of what people eat. But because diets are so varied, it’s hard to pinpoint cause and effect, meaning everyone from vegans to Paleo buffs has a “scientifically proven” diet. Forks Over Knives doesn’t offer anything different.

This flick is a collection of vegan anecdotes and activists that fails to credibly make its case. For instance, the film reports that Japan had a lower rate of prostate cancer than the U.S.

The Japanese also eat a lot of seafood. So is going to a strictly vegan diet—“plant-based,” in the parlance of the film—really supported? The film also notes that the mortality rate from cardiovascular disease in Norway declined after the Nazis invaded and seized livestock. Could another explanation be that more people were simply dying from the Nazis?

Similar questions abound. Gaps like these leave us believing Forks Over Knives is just another agenda-driven flick. Don’t skip the salad—but do skip this movie.