Topic: Food & Agriculture

  • Farmland image


    Farmland is a documentary about food and agriculture that sets itself apart from other films in one key regard: It attempts to soberly present facts without attempting to scare the audience with conspiracy-mongering about “Big Ag.” The documentary features interviews with six young farmers and ranchers, including some organic farmers,… read more

  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

    Narrator Kip Andersen has a question: Why don’t mainstream environmental groups come out against meat? What’s an interesting question quickly becomes unanswered, however, as the film simply turns into a screed against animal products. Despite the name “Cowspiracy,” the film often drifts away from cows and conspiracies. At the beginning,… read more

  • Food Chains

    ‘Food Chains’ is first and foremost an economics documentary, and a flawed one. The movie claims that if we just increased the minimum wage paid to farm workers, we would instantly lift all of America’s agricultural employees out of poverty. Contrary to the film’s assertions, the economics simply don’t support… read more

  • Forks Over Knives

    Food issues are notoriously tricky because they rely on studies of what people eat. But because diets are so varied, it’s hard to pinpoint cause and effect, meaning everyone from vegans to Paleo buffs has a “scientifically proven” diet. Forks Over Knives doesn’t offer anything different. This flick is a… read more


    Although the World Health Organization, the FDA and Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine have all endorsed the safety of GMO foods, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert is unconvinced.  Of course, Seifert is a director and not a scientist, so his one man crusade against GMO foods can easily be taken with a grain of… read more

  • Farmageddon

    Farmageddon makes the dubious medical claim that raw milk has the ability to cure asthma and  allergies based on one individual’s story. The documentary takes pot shots at GMOs and relies on outrageous claims that completely the defy scientific consensus on GMO safety. The filmmakers also claim organic foods have greater… read more

  • King Corn

    While “King Corn” has been celebrated by environmentalists for its indictment of the U.S. agriculture industry, the film largely glazes over how the agricultural innovations depicted in the documentary  have led to significantly lower prices for consumers. The fact that American consumers spend less of their income on food than any… read more