CinemaSpin Review

‘Animal House’ is a docu-series that chronicles the North Shore Animal League’s day-to-day work on behalf of animals. The North Shore Animal League runs the largest no-kill animal shelter in America, and the docu-series follows its staff as they brave hurricanes and neglectful owners in order to rescue dogs.

Viewers will be relieved to know that the North Shore Animal League actually practices what they preach. This organization works very hard to on behalf of stray animals, and they ensure the well-being of the animals in its care.

In contrast, according to Huffington Post, the animal rights group PETA killed (or consigned to death) up to 98% of the animals in its shelter in 2014, which amounted to over 2,400 animals. Unlike PETA, the North Shore Animal League isn’t bogged down in hypocrisy, they really work to rescue these animals.

‘Animal House’ is both informative and entertaining. The dedicated at North Shore Animal League staff take their jobs very seriously, and this docu-series stays true to the facts.