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  • Netflix Documentaries of 2020 image

    Netflix Documentaries of 2020

    With almost a full year of the Coronavirus pandemic underway, binge-watchers have spent more time at home streaming their favorite shows. From bizarre big-cat owners to dating reality shows, Netflix did not hold back in 2020. In what was a record-breaking year, Netflix released 113 new titles and gained more… read more

  • Streaming Deals in a Time of Crisis

    With more time to spend at home during the COVID-19 quarantine period, streaming services are fighting for who gets your family’s attention by each offering you a little something special. While some are allowing free streaming, others are releasing movies and shows early. So, what is each bringing to the… read more

  • Were documentaries always scientifically illiterate?

    Today it seems like almost all of the documentaries that are produced have an ideological agenda. But was it always this way? The 1996 Frontline documentary “Fooling with Nature” serves as evidence to the contrary. This level-headed approach to the science regarding Bisphenol A (BPA) provides a balanced perspective on the… read more