CinemaSpin Article

With almost a full year of the Coronavirus pandemic underway, binge-watchers have spent more time at home streaming their favorite shows.

From bizarre big-cat owners to dating reality shows, Netflix did not hold back in 2020. In what was a record-breaking year, Netflix released 113 new titles and gained more than 37 million new subscribers.

But beyond releasing popular TV shows and movies, Netflix released several original documentaries and docuseries, including Tiger King, The Social Dilemma, Athlete A, and more.

Tiger King, an eight episode documentary series follows the unique lifestyle of Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as “Joe Exotic.” Joe is known as the former owner and operator of G.W. Zoo in Garvin County, Oklahoma and his collection of big cats. Also featured in the series is Carole Baskin, animal activist and CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Tiger King was sampled by 64 million member accounts within its first month on the Netflix platform, earning its title as the most-viewed docuseries of 2020.

The Social Dilemma documentary gives an inside look into Big Tech companies controlling our social media, and ultimately our lives. With interviews from ex-Google, Facebook, and YouTube employees sounding the alarm on the dangerous human impact of social networking, this film will make you think twice about what you share online. To date, The Social Dilemma has been viewed by over 38 million member accounts.

Athlete A, a documentary highlighting the toxic environment of USA Gymnastics and the many accusations against former team doctor, Larry Nassar, talks with reporters from the Indianapolis Star who ultimately uncovered the many attempts from USA Gymnastics to shield this abuse from the public. Entitled “Athlete A” after the anonymous gymnast whose complaint led to the first public disclosure of decades of abuse, this documentary features many familiar faces from the USA Gymnastics world.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, a four-part documentary series, shares stores from survivors of the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. In the fourth and final episode of the series, entitled “Finding Their Voice,” the women who were abused for far too long finally get their day in court. The series closes with detail of Epstein’s death while in prison after his 2019 conviction.

While we all had to spend too much time at home this past year, at least we had some interesting things watch.