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  • How spun are this year’s Oscar nominees? image

    How spun are this year’s Oscar nominees?

    This year’s Oscar nominees for Best Documentary include heavy-hitting stories of violence across the world and the harrowing tales behind two of America’s best known soul artists. But in an era where it seems all documentaries are trying to push some kind of agenda, it’s important to ask: How accurate… read more

  • Goodfellas

    Goodfellas is certainly a classic movie, but its reputation as a true story is a bit hyperbolic. Goodfellas purports to be based off Nicholas Pileggi’s non-fiction book ‘Wiseguy.’ The book tells the story of real-life gangster Henry Hill, who is considered by many to be a questionable messenger for the basis of the book. It… read more

  • Occupy Love

    In ‘Occupy Love’ the filmmakers attempt to rewrite history by portraying the ‘Occupy’ protesters as peaceful, responsible, and intelligent. Much like a horse wearing blinkers, the film refuses to glance at the violence, property destruction, and crime that was rampant at ‘Occupy’ camps, as well as the obvious anarchist tendencies that motivated many… read more

  • Kony 2012

    ‘Kony 2012’ became an internet sensation after it was released by the charity ‘Invisible Children.’ While the film was correct to assert the Joseph Kony is an evil man who has committed horrific crimes in Africa, some of the details in the movie were incorrect or dramatized. First, the movie gives… read more

  • American Gangster

    Although American Gangster is “based on a true story,” it is clear that a fair amount of artistic license was permitted when filming the movie. For instance, protagonist Frank Lucas was not present during the death of his mentor, Bumpy Johnson, as depicted in the movie. Additionally, the movie claims an attention-grabbing… read more